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Dealing with figures

Taxave Accountants are absolute lifesavers!! My friend cannot thank them enough for their support and skill recently. Their accountancy service and good advice have kept her company in good stead and enabled her business to stay on top of things and to continue to grow, thanks to this tax companies accountancy advice. They are reassuring, transparent and thorough - all she could ever wish for with a company that deals with her figures.

This blog was posted Thursday 15th November 2018 : 10.41 am

Experienced Professionals

My brother's company had recurring ongoing leaks and other problems which in the end, called for a new roofing system. He enquired with many local roofing companies but there was one which stood out. ASAP Roofing was their first choice for obvious reasons. They had great word of mouth recommendations and encouraging testimonials. They quoted him for the job which was a reasonable price. Upon the day of installation, it was clear to see that the team were experienced professionals. The standard of work was exceptionally good and they had the courtesy to keep my brother informed with the work which was underway in its various stages. He said he couldn't have chosen a better company who displayed quality workmanship and exceptional customer service.

This blog was posted Wednesday 10th October 2018 : 09.53 am

Removal of all fine scratches and marks

My neighbour took his car to Eastbourne Car Valeting to have a car detailing service. His car looks brilliant and they removed all fine scratches and marks and washed it beautifully. The tyres and wheels were scrubbed and dressed as well as the windows being buffed. My wife really wants to take her car in and get hers done. The neighbours car is fabulous and looks brand new.

This blog was posted Wednesday 3rd October 2018 : 11.30 am

Marvelous work

SB Roofing is a fantastic firm whos roofing work is to an exceptionally high standard. Two of my neighbours have used this company over recent months, both of whom are ecstatically happy with their new roofs. One of my neighbours was happy to crack on and start decorating their upstairs bathroom without having to worry about staining coming through the ceiling. My other neighbour had a leaky roof which needed re-tyling. The work they did on both properties looks marvelous and both neighbours have expressed that the price didn't break the bank either. rnrn

This blog was posted Wednesday 21st March 2018 : 01.53 pm

Positive feedback

Since my brother started using Best Bookings to help manage enquiries and bookings, his bed and breakfast business is running a lot more smoothly. He has had feedback from past guests and how they found the new booking process and he is pleased to say that his guests liked using it. They can check availability and book themselves in independently. For my brother, this now means that he can focus on other jobs around the guesthouse and doesn't need someone to man the phones all of the time. It is nice and peaceful in the reception area and the phones are no longer ringing all day every day with enquiries.

This blog was posted Thursday 8th March 2018 : 10.41 am

Grubby and greasy ovens transformed

A superb professional oven clean was done on my uncles 3 large ovens at his restaurant in the local area. He thought that because of the size of the ovens that the quote would be steep but when he called Oven Cleaning Company he was pleasantly surprised. The quote given was good value for money considering the number and size of the ovens. One of the ovens, in particular, was very grubby and greasy and he thought there was no way that it would come up as well as the other two ovens. Once again he was proved wrong as all three ovens came up very well and the clean really made an immense difference to all three ovens. He highly recommends this company to any business or home that requires a professional oven clean for a good price.

This blog was posted Tuesday 27th February 2018 : 11.53 am

Roller blinds for at home gym

My brother in law had some fantastic looking blinds fitted in his studio at home. He converted the garage into a studio gym and wanted some blinds fitted for some privacy as the converted garage is right next to the neighbours conservatory. He only wanted a couple of small blinds installed and wasn't looking for the flashiest or most expensive blinds. He was looking for standard roller blinds for a reasonable price. Winchester Blinds quoted him and he was happy with the price and also their impressively large range of blinds and curtains. He went for two yellow roller blinds and has since had them fitted and he is very happy with them.

This blog was posted Tuesday 27th February 2018 : 11.30 am

Over the moon

Mrs Ovens did an absolutely top class job on my mum's oven. The lady left my mum's oven utterly spotless and she is delighted and over the moon with the result. My dad was just as impressed with the outcome and service provided. They found the lady to be friendly and professional and the job was done very well and in good time. They had previously used another cleaning company but they never did it in the same time she did and to a high standard as she does. This service is worth the money for sure!

This blog was posted Thursday 21st December 2017 : 10.45 am

Meticulous attention to detail

My neighbour has hardwood flooring installed in her hallway. The workers at P Batten Flooring worked very efficiently and were personable and professional. They take great care to ensure none of her walls were scraped and damage when they brought in the very large planks of wood. They varnished the floorboards after they had finished which gave them an incredible shine. They were meticulous and hardworking and the price was surprisingly reasonable.

This blog was posted Friday 15th December 2017 : 03.36 pm

Proactive and thorough

My wife owns a small company and has always used ETC Fire to carry out maintenance on extinguishers and to do fire safety training with her staff. She says the team is brilliant in what they do, they are enthusiastic and the delivery of the services are excellent. They have great communication skills and are always proactive and thorough. They are flexible with the times and dates they can do, making it a breeze when my wife is looking to put them in the diary.

This blog was posted Friday 15th December 2017 : 02.38 pm

Thrilled with the service

What a fantastic company. My sister had SE Chimney Sweep over to clean out her blocked chimney and was most impressed with their service. They were polite and reliable but above all, they were professional and competent. The equipment that was used was modern and really effective and they managed to leave no trace of dirt or soot. Other companies that my sister had used in the past, she always found herself cleaning up after them. She is thrilled to have found a company who do the WHOLE job.

This blog was posted Friday 15th December 2017 : 10.21 am

True to their word

My daughter's boiler went bust and she was not looking forward to having a weekend with no hot water. She made a call to Sam Mercer Plumbing not feeling overly hopeful that the problem could be fixed when she needed it to be. On the phone, she was told that an engineer would be with her within the hour to fix the problem. True to their word, the arrived within the hour and fixed the problem within the next hour and all for an affordable price. She was amazed at how quick they responded to her call and will be using their services if ever she has any plumbing problems in the future.

This blog was posted Thursday 14th December 2017 : 12.12 pm

Reception duties

My sister was so pleased when she got accepted to study at Partners for Training. She has made some good friends who all share the interest of hairdressing. On top of learning all the techniques, consultations etc she has also loved reception duties and greeting clients on arrival, offering refreshments and manning the phones and appointment book. She is looking forward to next year when she will be learning a variety of technical services such as colouring and creative styling techniques.

This blog was posted Wednesday 29th November 2017 : 02.24 pm

Forward thinking

After a word of mouth recommendation, my wife went to Ocean Press to get help her with the design and printing of her business cards. She recently had a consultation with them about her requirements and the amount she wanted printing. She said the company was very friendly, forward-thinking and creative. She was glad to of had some professional input into the design idea. She came back from her consultation with them feeling very confident and excited to see the outcome.

This blog was posted Wednesday 29th November 2017 : 01.02 pm


My sister has always gone to Reid Briggs Insurance Brokers for her charity insurance over the years. She said that Keely has consistently provided an excellent, helpful and extremely speedy efficient service, each and every year. She is so thankful to them for making the process swift and straightforward. Before using this company for her charity insurance, she struggled to get the full coverage in which she required from different insurance companies. She is always speaking highly of them and strongly recommends their services to anyone who is looking for any type of insurance coverage.

This blog was posted Wednesday 22nd November 2017 : 11.45 am

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