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Rye is one of the most amazing villages in Sussex.  The town has beautifully preserved cobbled streets, a stunning medieval church and many other  historic houses which have been preserved from medieval, Tudor and Georgian times.

Over the centuries its location on the coast was very important for the town.  Many centuries ago Rye was located on a large bay. In those days the River Rother flowed into the sea at Romney, which is further East The town become a member of the Cinque Ports near the end of the 12th Century. Rye was therefore an important place for trade, and storage of iron, especially armaments. Nearby Camber Castle was built by Henry VIII, as a means of protecting the coast.

A number of violent storms over the course of time managed to cut the town off from the sea.  However, the town managed to retain access to the sea when the River Rother changed its course.  This did destroy the eastern part of the town, but in return the ships were able to use the Strand area to off-load their cargoes. The town wall was also completed during that time as a defence against foreign raiders.

These historic roots and the charm of Rye make it a tourist destination, and these days the economy relies on that. There are several hotels, B&Bs, and restaurants, plus tourist attractions of various kind. Rye is still host to a small fishing fleet, and the Harbour has mooring for yachts as well.

Well worth a visit!