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Heathfield is for motorist a town they pass by, either on the East-West A265 route, or on the North- South A267, where it is roughly half-way between Eastbourne and Tunbridge Wells.

For others Heathfield is the end of the popular bicycle track, the Cuckoo Trail, which runs from Polegate, along the former railway track, right through the centre of Hailsham up the hill, all the way to Heathfield.

For others still Heathfield is where they obtain the signal for their TV.  The Transmitter mast at Heathfield is visible for many miles, and it provides transmissions for many miles around East Sussex.

The history of Heathfield goes back a long way.  The old village was granted a cattle market in 1316 by Royal Charter, and the town prospered during the 16th & 17th century, as a centre for the local iron industry.  Its location on the ridge way brought the railway in 1880.  The line was known as the Cuckoo line, and it was good for the town, but it was not to last.  The line did not make enough money, and the line closed in 1968.

Where the tracks once were, is now the Cuckoo Trail, a cycle track which runs up the hill from Polegate.  The trail, which is part of the National Cycle Network, is a popular track, and several people have taken the challenge to cycle up from Polegate all the way to Heathfield.  The return journey is always easier, as it is mainly downhill.