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Haywards Heath 

Haywards Heath is a relatively modern town.  Several towns in Sussex have a history, which goes back several centuries, but not so for Haywards Heath.  In the early 1800s Haywards Heath was little more than a country estate.  One thing changed all that:  the railway.  Built in the early 1840s, the London to Brighton railway arrived in what is now Haywards Heath, and a station was built near the manor. 

Two other factors boosted the importance of the town.  Firstly, the arrival of the A23, which also connects London to Brighton, supported the town's groth in the same way, and these days hundreds of people commute from the town to the city. Secondly, the close proximity to one of Europe's busyest airports, Gatwick, has brought hundreds of jobs to the local area, and many resident still work at the airport.

The future of Haywards Heath looks promising, with a large housing development on the way.  Not without problems, the expansion is set to increas the town by several hundred houses over the next decde.