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EastbourneWelcome to Eastbourne 

Eastbourne is one of the finest Victorian towns in the South East in England. The current town embraces a few  villages with a history that dates back almost 1,000 years.  THe area has been inhabited much longer though.  Archeologisists have discovered Flint mines and other Stone Age artefacts in the surrounding countryside, and there are a number of Roman sites within the boundaries of the current town.

The current population of Eastbourne is approx. 100,000, but in the summer time, there are many more people in the town.  Vistors include tourists, who are attracted by the sea, the pier, and the beautiful area which surrounds the town.  Foreign language students are also amongst the thousands of visitors who visit Eastbourne each year.

Eastbourne is proud of holding the record for the highest recorded hours of sunshine in a month.  This amazing record was set in in July 1911, when 383.9 hours of sunshine were recorded.  This record has never been broken.  Having the proximity of the sea, and the sheltered South downs, Eastbourne is a lovely suntrap. The town also promotes itself as "The Sunshine Coast".