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Crowborough is a sizable town, located on the A26, between Lewes and Tunbridge Wells.  It is the largest inland town in East Sussex.

The name of the town is probably derived from two Saxon words Croh and berg - meaning Golden-Yellow and Hill. The area around the town is rich in  Gorse Shrubs, which have bright yellow flowers.  It is generally assumed that these shrubs once flowered on the hill, and that locals therefore named it yellow hill.

Little is known about the earliest settlements of Crowborough.  The most important year in the establishment of the town is 1734.  In that year permission was given for the establishment of a church and a school.  St Andrews Church and school have stood the test of times, and are still there today. 

Like many towns in the region, Crowborough grew rapidly in Victorian era.  The arrival of the railway to the town, plus the establishment of the town as a Health Resort, boosted its importance.  Moreover, the nearby countryside, an area of outstanding Natural Beauty, notably the rolling hills and the nearby Ashdown Forest, ensured that the town became a popular place to live.