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Burgess Hill 

Burgess Hill is a large Sussex town, located ten miles North of Brighton, on the Western side of the border between East and West Sussex.
The town undoubtedly takes its name after a hill, but historians are unsure to which hill this is.  Whichever hill it is - it is was named after a few generations of 'Burgeys' families, who occupied the hill.  Their name comes from the Saxon word for citizens.

It is known that a Roman road went through the current town, but there is no evidence that any settled in the area until the late middle ages.
The town grew after its establishment, and became a small industrial town in the seventeenth century. The close proximity to Brighton boosted its relative importance in recent centuries, with many trades people settle in the town, and commuting to Brighton.  The town grew rapidly during the later half of the 20Th century.

These days Burgess Hill is a thriving town, with a shopping centre, schools, several industrial areas, and much more.