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Bexhill-on-Sea, or just Bexhill, is one of several seaside resort in East Sussex.  With Eastbourne on the West, and Hastings on the East, Bexhill is part of Rother District Council. The name Bexhill comes from the Anglo-Saxon Bexelei, from leah-a glade where the box tree grows.

The history of the town goes back several centuries. It is not known when the area was first occupied by settlers, but this was probably a long time ago.  Some clues to the first settlement were found, when primate boats were discovered in Egerton Park.  Little is known about the people who used these boats.  More is known about the people who occupied the town when Bexhill was given its town status in 772 AD.  King Offa II, King of Mercia, granted land in that year to Bishop Oswald, with permission to build a church. Another reference from history comes three few centuries later, when, shortly after 1066, William the Conqueror passed the Rape of Hastings, which included Bexhill, to Robert, Count of Eu.

Like many Seaside Resorts, Bexhill grew rapidly during the Victorian era, when the town became a popular seaside resort.  In those days, Bexhill was renowned for its healthy air, and people enjoying the sheltered climate on the English channel.

These days the  population of Bexhill is about 40,000. Two town has many attractions, including the beach, and long promenade, shopping centres, cultural festivals, and the renewed De La Warr Pavilion.  The latter, built in the 1930's provides entertainment and cultural displays, throughout the year, while serving as  obvious focal point of the town.