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If you are driving along the South Coast on the A27, it would be hard not to spot Arundel.  The magnificent cathedral, and the amazing castle tower high above the town, and they make for a good advert for the town.

Arundel is an ancient market town, which derives its name from the river Arun, which runs through it. The original Castle was erected by the Normans and it served to protect the area from invaders. Like all medieval castles, Arundel castle has seen many changes over the course of the history, but unlike many counterparts, Arundel castle has not only survived quite well, it even remains occupied.  The castle has been the home of The Dukes of Norfolk for a long time, but parts of of the castle have been open the public for more than 200 years.  The castle is one of the best tourist attractions in the area.

The town of Arundel was built on the South side of the castle.  Most of the houses in the town were built in the 19th century, and most of them are in good condition.  There are several small shops, and cafe's.  Many tourists combine enjoy a gentle stroll through the town with visits to the castle and the cathedral.

The cathedral looks old, but it is only a youngster compared to the castle. The building was erected in the 1870s, initially as a Roman Catholic Parish Church, and it did not become a cathedral until 1965. Arendul Cathedral is  the official seat of the RC Bishop of Arundel and Brighton.